Whether you gps tracker possess autos, vans, vehicles, lorries or even plant machinery; and whether you possess 1, 3, 15 or even five hundred motor vehicles in your firm, The Trackershop Squadron Body has been actually created to give you that vital factor of management required, allowing you to expand your provider, your line as well as your earning potential a great deal quicker.

Let’s have a look at some of the key benefits of the Trackershop Line Radar:



One of the tracking system primary barriers that holds off firms presenting their line unit quicker is all the hassle they assume is actually needed to get set up and running. It reduces the aspect of introducing an unit to help your provider if you are going to find it nerve-racking as well as more opportunity eating discovering and operating it.

The benefits are very clear, however taking that preliminary step may effectively be actually that factor placing you off.

That is actually why gps our company have actually made every little thing to become set up promptly, with no fuss!

Trackershop’s Mobile Engineer Staff cover every UK postal code, and also our team may consequently deliver speedy put in times for your whole squadron wherever you are actually. Each of our strongly professional engineers have actually clocked up numerous installments on all forms of cars, assets as well as machines.

This ensures that, irrespective of the car, all of your GENERAL PRACTITIONER trackers are installed discreetly, swiftly and effectively. Our designers mount your GENERAL PRACTITIONER trackers at a location, opportunity and time hassle-free to your routine. This may indicate that your lorries will definitely not have to come off the street, as they may even install at a work place or on site – with no interruption to the shift of that specific participant of the personnel. In spite of the developing requirement for fleet monitoring sets up, our common lead time for an engineer to become with you is actually still only 1-3 operating days.


Your personal applying board dash panel is actually put together through our company beforehand along with every one of your GENERAL PRACTITIONER trackers already linked. As soon as our designer installs all of them in to your lorries they energy up and also are actually tracking instantly.

You are actually offered along with your personal unique Account Ref ID as well as security password to visit straight away.

· No software program to install. Just visit to your internet located mapping site and also install your Trackershop app.

· Numerous customers as well as multi-platform gain access to. Get access to worldwide coming from any gadget.


The basic tracking speed for the majority of fleet units is 60-120 secs. Along With the Trackershop Line Tracking System, you can easily receive updates as typically as every 5 few seconds!

This quick file speed suggests you will certainly have the capacity to monitor your assets correctly as well as along with better particular- especially beneficial if you require to closely chronicle team task or even in the event of a theft.

The Trackershop dashboard also possesses an online Tom-Tom traffic file feature, providing you full presence as well as permitting you to respond rapidly to altering disorders. Record delays early as well as stay away from problems to work or sessions. You are going to additionally have additional relevant information if you want to manual in added projects throughout the day. Having the capacity to check staff activity will certainly additionally aid to secure your company brand name and image through urging sensible steering when traveling. Accidents of driver rage as well as other roadway consumers files of accelerating/ dangerous steering have led to lots of preventable adverse on the internet reviews.

With social networking sites such a heavy customer impact, business photo could be wrecked in few seconds.


It made use of to be that, as quickly as your auto leaves your attraction, you will merely must hope it reaches its own place punctually and straight. Managing to keep track of the full real-time area of each of your motor vehicles allows you to produce easy choices in-field, improve customers with arrival times, with confidence include brand new tasks on a shift after it has actually started, all whilst going over consumer expectations.

Along with a line of 4 vehicles, if each member of team can finish simply one extra work a time that will definitely be close to an added 1000 tasks a year!

This can easily all be actually abstained from paying out extra over-time as well as will quit any sort of over-time disputes as well.

The capability to recognize where your team have or even are actually been actually will certainly prevent any kind of unauthorised use of the automobiles and/or doubtful over-time cases.

Your group will complete even more paths, projects, shippings in a quicker time whilst journeying far fewer miles.

The less time that a lorry is travelling, beinged in heavy traffic, idling, the less fuel that is used and the less the lorry will certainly diminish.


The maintenance involved in maintaining a squadron of any size running may effortlessly come to be excessive as well as spin out of control when you do not have complete management of your lorries.

Your automobiles are likely to be one of the largest expenditures your provider might deal with. Shielding and also lengthening their energetic make use of is actually enter making certain that you are certainly not paying out for avoidable repair work/.


Each one of your real-time monitoring is actually readily available for you to see in your History tab any time.

Every activity will certainly be maintained, so you can easily evaluate at any time structure for your vehicles, whether it’s a solitary shift, a time, full week or a number of months activity.

Your gas mileage will definitely be figured out for this time frame and also all start/stop times.

Any of these simply generated files could be downloaded and install to imprint off or e-mail.


If your vehicles are actually merely meant to take a trip at a specific rate or even you need to observe if any of your lorries exceed the nationwide velocity restriction then you can obtain an alert whenever this speed is actually gone beyond.

You can specify each cars possess MPH. If you possess HGVs or even machines that needs to maintain below a particular limited speed then you will be alerted whenever this is actually certainly not promoted.

This is vital to defend your lorry coming from unpredictable steering damage, yet more vital for your drivers protection.


Whenever your vehicle is actually stationed up for brief durations as well as you want to know when it following starts an experience, press your UPPER ARM button to become advised when your monitoring tool following senses movement.


Geo Fencing (or, Region) signals permit you to observe your automobiles entering into and/or leaving any type of site that you require to log task in. This could be when a motor vehicle leaves an internet site or gets in or appointment location, gibing you a log of when a member of workers officially finished a shift/appointment or began.

However, zones are also used efficiently for protection – as you will definitely receive an instantaneous notification if a vehicle/asset/machinery is moved by any individual that is certainly not authorised.

You can specify as many digital zones as you need, around the globe.

As obtaining press notices to your phone, your informs are all apparent in your History File.

You can likewise set up each of your informs as e-mails, in order that you possess a long-lasting log of any type of activity.

Establish Usage times. Equally, if you perform certainly not need to track team away from hrs, or if it is actually an offense of firm policy, then you can easily pick specific time frames that your documents in. E.g 7:00 am – 5:00 pm Mon-Fri.



Real-time monitoring is the best successful ways of ever having the ability to locate a stolen possession again.

All Trackershop tools are actually mounted with multi-roaming SIMs to increase insurance coverage in more remote areas, along with numerous satellite systems being accessed for an even more precise and also constant GPS site.

If an individual ever before relocates your assets whilst you are actually away coming from all of them, the Area and also activity informs are incredibly beneficial as it suggests you get quick notifications.


Let’s be sincere, 2 of the best vital components in firm decision making is actually the price and also the amount of dedication required of you.

You are actually most likely right now familiar with the benefits of utilization GPS monitoring modern technology in your provider, however what might put you off is having to devote to 1,2,3 or even in some cases 5 years+ to obtain the most ideal tracking plan fees.

Trackershop set our prices to be inexpensive from the beginning without arrangements or minimal phrase dedication. The PAYG guideline functions in your favor as it implies no risk of being actually locked in lasting and simply paying for what you in fact require.

This likewise means that you can add or even take vehicles off your panel with no prior notice. , if a vehicle is off the roadway and also you don’t need to track it you will not require to restore your bundle till you are ready to use it once again.

Your GPS systems can easily remain dormant in the automobile and afterwards powered back on.

THE EASIEST, MANY AFFORDABLE WAY TO KEEP TRACK OF YOUR WHOLE SQUADRON → No contracts → No lowest condition → Only pay for what you need to have.

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